Our mission is to undertake research, advocacy and proactive action   in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, European Convention of Human Rights and other human rights instruments in order to build and increase public awareness in the field of asylum and migration.


  • Sharing information and expertise, and building knowledge and skills regarding asylum and migration across the world.
  • Doing and encouraging research and disseminating the findings of research in the field of migration and asylum in order to increase public awareness in this respect.
  • Compiling research findings to create a database so that public can be updated on all kinds of information with respect to asylum and migration.
  • Keeping public informed with news and analysis, including providing up-to-date policy analysis, informing campaign priorities and coordinating action.
  • Preparing policy proposals for policy makers.
  • Supporting local and regional debates about asylum and migration issues.
  • Supporting media activities on migration issues by providing them with the names of the relevant experts and information.
  • Strengthening local voices regarding asylum and migration issues at national level.
  • Raising awareness among government and those in the public sphere about migrant interests and needs so that they can be involved in debates about migration.
  • Coordinating the work among NGOs in the domain of asylum and migration to increase the effectiveness of the support and help given to migrants.
  • Carrying out national and international projects with other NGOs to contribute to the lives of migrants.
  • Organizing seminars, workshops and conferences with respect to asylum and migration.
  • Creating a network among national and international researchers in the field of asylum and migration.
  • Lobbying for raising the refugee protection standard at national and international level.