The training was organised with the cooperation of the Research Centre of Asylum and Migration, Journalist Society and the Turkey Delegation Fund of European Union on 7.11.2017 at Istanbul Point Hotel for AA journalists.

The opening speech was given by the vice coordinator of AA News Hayri Çetinkuş.

After that, project coordinator of “Media and CSO Cooperation for Refugee Rights” Esra Yurt gave an informing presentation.

The training was carried on with the presentation that given by the exprerinced journalist and outhor Mete Çubukçu, who shared his experinces about the area.

The title of the last speech before lunch break was ” The History of Evolution and Permanent Solutions for International Refugee Law” which revealed by the Head of IGAM Metin Çorabatır.

The training continued after a lunch break with the presentation of Prof. Dr. Aslı Tunç of the Istanbul Bilgi University under the title ” The Creation of the Refugee Perception in the Media by Using the New’s Language.”

The training for the AA journalists within the “Media and Civil Society Cooperation for Rights od Refugees” continued with the presentation of the UNHCR representative Elif Selen Ay, titled as “The Works of UNHCR and the Perception of Refugees in the Media.

Nilüfer Narlı from Bahçeşehir University shared the details of her studies with the journalists in the presentation titled “The Representation and Integration of Syrian Refugees in the Media”.
İdil Türkmen from the Nirengi Association gave information about solution orianted journalism with the last presentation of the day titled as “Journalism For Social Change”.

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