IGAM will be carrying  out 4 projects in 2016.

Living conditions of Afghan Refugees in Turkey and Reasons for moving to Europe

Overall objective: The project aims to raise awareness of the hard living condition of Afghan Refugees in Turkey by investigating the reason for their moving to Europe last summer.This project will be carried out  in collaboration with  Afghan Refugees Association in Turkey. IGAM will be the affiliated entity in the project.

Donor: Civil Society Facility Turkey Programme , European Union Program carried out by the Delegation of the European Union, Ankara.

Partner(s): Afghan Refugees Association in Turkey, Kayseri

Location: Kayseri,Batman,Denizli,Erzurum,Samsun,Adana

Duration: 3 months

Start Date: 1 April 2016

Budget: 16.400,00 TL



Measuring the Level of Integration of Refugees in Turkey

Overall objective: This project aims to improve support for the 2.2 million non-European migrants and asylum seekers  in Turkey by providing internationally comparable data and tool about level of integration.

Donor: Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Undersecretarıat of Center Finance and Contracts Unit, Ankara

Partner(s): Migration Policy Group (MPG), Brussel

Location: Ankara, Istanbul, Kayseri, Sakarya, Şanliurfa, Brussel

Duration: 14 Months

Start Date: 15 February 2016

Budget: 146.397,00 Euros



Need Assessment of Syrian People Living in Turkey

Overall objective: This project is a need assessment study being implemented by IGAM on the behalf of Goal Global. This project aims to find data and gaps about education, health and employment/livelihood provided by the government and others.

Donor: Goal Global, Dublin

Location: Istanbul, Bursa,Izmir,Hatay,Antalya,Adana,Gaziantep

Duration: 1 Month

Start Date: 6 January 2016

Budget: 5.800,00 Dollars



Establishment of Turkish Refugee Council

Overall objective: This project aims to establish common thinking and action network for asylum and migration issues. In addition, this project aims to bring together all international, national and local NGOs which are active in the field of asylum and migration  as well as organizations willing to enter this field.

Donor: Open Society Foundation Turkey, Istanbul

Partner(s): Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, Center for European Study METU,Ankara

Location: All over Turkey

Duration:  12 Months

Start Date:  01 July 2015

Budget: 260.000,00 TL



World Refugee Day 2015 : Let’s ask Syrian about Integration

Overall objective:  World Refugee Day has been celebrated on 20 June since 2001 with the resolution of UN General Assembly. IGAM organized occasion under the name of “Let’s ask Syrian about Integration” to celebrate this day so as to draw public attention to refugees in Turkey. This event introduced success stories of Refugees in today’s content.

Donor: International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation, Istanbul

Partner(s): International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation, Istanbul; Journalists Association, Ankara

Duration: 1 day

Start Date: 17 June 2015

Budget:  5.000,00 TL