IGAM has been invited to national and international conferences held by many different universities, institutions and organizations to present ideas on the matter of asylum and migration.

International Level

  • CEPOL, The European Police College- “Unprecedented migration flows in Western Balkans & Mediterranean Areas”, Budapest, 2016
  • Migration Policy Institute-“Development,Mobility,Protection: Building Opportunity into Refugee Solutions”, Berlin, 2016
  • Chatham House – “Middle East and North Africa Programme Workshop”, UK, London, 2015
  • Dead Sea Konrad – Adenauer Stiftung “Refugee Crisis without Borders : From a Local Burden to a Shared Humanitarian Responsibility”, Jordan, 2015
  • ICMC- “Global Forum on Migration and Development”, Istanbul,2015
  • Oxford Refugee Studies – “Regarding to 1951 Geneva Convention”, UK, London, 2013.

National Level

  • Ankara University and Raoul Wallenberg Institute – “Symposium on Current Developments Refugee law”, Ankara,2015
  • Kadir Has University- “Invisible Borders; Refugees and Migrants in          Turkey”, Istanbul, 2015
  • USAK and Brooking Institute-“Workshop on Refugees in the Long run”, Ankara, 2014
  • Konrad Adenauer Stiftung-“Syrian Refugees”, Antakya, 2014
  • TIHK, “Refugees in Turkey”,Ankara,2014
  • USAK and Brooking Institute- “Security of Eastern Mediterranean”, Ankara,2013
  • Model UN- “Human Rights of Refugees”, Uskudar American College,2013
  • Center for Strategic Research and Istanbul City University with contributions of the ministry of foreign affairs- “Syrian Workshop”,Istanbul, 2013
  • Mülteci-Der, Dutch Refugee Council and Law Society of Izmir- “Legal Support for Refugees Within the Framework of New Legislation”, Ankara,2013
  • Intercultural Dialogue Center and Toros University, – “Intercultural Dialogue and Elimination of Bias – Syrian Refugees”, Mersin,2013